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RowDig is a service of NextRow Digital aimed to assist digital marketers when marketers are helpless to deal with uncategorized yet business emails with AI-powered email response processing platform.

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The RowDig Story

How It All Started

  • In fastest growing economy where time is money, it’s not possible to go through each e-mail. And if it’s a campaign, it would take days for marketers to figure out human and auto responses.
  • For marketers, not just the time, but leads are assets to business. Because, a lost lead is the lost business.
  • It’s not only important to retain the leads but also earn new leads. And for marketers, not maintaining lead data will result in targeting inappropriate lead, declining business growth.
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why leads are important

Who & Why

Leads Are Important?

  • On a short note, a business either struggles with poor economy or incapable of generating new leads. This explains the role of leads in business growth and clearly leaves their watermark.
  • Leads provide valuable information in their absence. Accordingly, the data has to be updated to generate new leads or follow up the human response.


Filter Human Response?

  • After running an email campaign, the percentage of replies vary from bounced to actual human responses. With uncategorized emails in the mailbox, and because of the time lag, chance of missing the human response is high and the human responses are the actual business leads who contribute to business growth.
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reporting & analysis


Analyze and Report Email Response?

  • The most important part of doing adequate email marketing is the way auto-replies are handled for email campaigns. The auto-replies like – Out of Office to Left the Company, contains hidden gems waiting to be unearthed and ultimately leading to better database management including segmentation, personalization of messaging, and the acquisition of new and enhanced leads.
  • Filtration & Segregation of auto-replies and Human replies and routing & reporting the human responses directly to the sales team is essential to target the potential customers.

How RowDig Can Help You?

increase lead database using rowdig
How we increased our lead database using RowDig

RowDig intelligently pulled valuable lead information from auto responses which otherwise would been deleted…..

Row Dig helped us streamline email responses and identify marketable leads

We no longer had to dig through a cluttered mailbox to find human responses for marketable leads…

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