• Get enriched contact database. Outdated contacts are removed automatically and the existing are updated immediately from email signatures. Basically, it ensures the delivery of the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Get advanced Reply Management and Analytics to manage and track all campaign responses in one place. Find and route human replies and also surface new sales leads on target accounts.
autoresponse features
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Filter Human Resources

Rowdig automatically filters human responses and allows users to track them separately. Users have the option to forward just human responses back to their mailbox to avoid unnecessary clutter in their mailbox.

filter human responses
auto email responses
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Auto Email Responses Processing

RowDig captures your campaign email responses automatically and intelligently processes them.

Filters human responses from auto responses.

  • Identifies and organizes auto responses.
  • (Out of Office, Left Job, Unsubscribe and Bounces). Mine new leads from auto responses.
  • Updating existing contacts with new details.
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Mine New Leads

Rowdig uses artificial intelligence(AI) to mine new leands form email responses. New leads can be downloaded or synced automatically to your exiting Marketing Platforms – Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, HubSpot and more.

new leads
improve lead quality
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Improve Lead Quality

  • Updates existing contacts when there are changes.
  • Identifies unmarketable contacts when contact leaves the job or if emails are unsubscribed or bounced.
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Score New Leads

RowDig intelligently scores new lead based on lead quality.

score new leads
marketing platform integration
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Easy Integration

  • RowDig can be configured to receive just the human responses back to the user.
  • All contacts (New, Existing and Unmarketable) can by synced seamlessly to any Marketing platform – Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, HubSpot and more
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Dashboard highlighting KPIs – Daily/Weekly/Monthly/ Yearly trends and summary.
  • Contacts and Email response performance reports. ROI and Campaign level tracking.
  • Campaign Response performance reports – Top 5 campaigns that genrated more leads.
  • Reporting emails automatically sent with Excel contacts attachment.
  • YTD Revenue potential and New lead Acquisition Cost Savings analytic
reporting and analytics
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